🎨 Manufacturer, Brand, Textile Agent, and Retailer FYI

While our Mission Statement  spiel and business name’s subtitle ( Where Décor and Style Meets Art – Unique. Original. And Sorta Couture.), explains a lot about who we are, what we do, and what our distinct product marketability is; we respect the manufacturer’s and retailer’s time of we query to establish ongoing business relationships.

That said, in lieu of pending and prospective product presentations, here (on-site) is where we will:

  • display the product
  • explain what separates and makes each stand them out from the same kind of products  already on the market
  • give an overview of each product’s wholesale to retail valuation (so as to demonstrate marketability, profitability and ignite excitability about why trading and doing business with ABA Décor and Designs is a great decision)

Upon establishing a relationship, in an effort to stay in and rotation and ease of ordering, we intend to make invoicing a breeze for you-by being able to look at what you want-to know just how much of it you want for us to fulfill and ship