🎨 About This Site

Although ABADecorAndDesigns.com is a licensed vendor, at this time we only:

  • design for, query, and inquire about designing (furniture, artistic abstract designs for home or office décor, apparel/handbags) for brands
  • sell and supply our own products and designs (wholesale/sales tax exempt) to household name brand brick and mortar retail store buyers and brands (clients)


  • license our products to manufacturers for retail distribution

While selling our merchandise and lines to store and in-store however, all retailers we do business with reserve the right to sell our products online.

Although ABA Décor and Designs may display our products on social media and on the four popular lifestyle, entertainment, pop culture and news blogs by which we are associated, we do not sell online to the public (as a condition of one of our + most retailer buyers).

As we have been doing since 2014 (via the 4 news, style and information blog sites with whom we are associated), if you clicked anywhere through those sites and were lead here, we are simply familiarizing our millions of site visitors from there with the designs behind the products they will be bumping into during their virtual  shopping experience.

So, (for yous) this site is NOT “interactive” as are the news, information, style sites you clicked through and came from.

The retail public’s access here is ABA Décor and Designs saying “thank you!” and “hello!” in advance of putting a smile on your face for when you pick up a piece of ABA’s home décor, furniture, apparel/handbag design. You can say (1st hand): “I know exactly just who designed these!”

ABA Décor And Designs’ accounts and business dealings is strictly brick and mortar/grass roots and via:

  • Fax
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Website
  • In person     .

That said, if you are:

  • an established brand looking for abstract/artistic designs for your home or office décor, apparel/handbags
  • an established, brick and mortar retailer
  • an established, manufacturer interested in any of our products for distribution

…and you want to set up an account with us as one of your wholesale suppliers [of unique, eye-catching, original home and office décor and apparel]; by email or contact form on this site, you may still contact us while we are under site reconstruction.

Thank you.

ABA Staff